• A premium quality, luscious earthy full bodied sparkling Shiraz, that manages to balance rich fruit flavours and light sweetness together with a soft finish. Carbonated instead of naturaly turned, our Sparkling Shiraz has a stronger bubble to help balance out the rich Shiraz notes. Think pairing with a honey baked ham or a chocolate gâteau. Lightly chill.
  • In awe of the French-style of Champagne, we wanted to create something beautifully unique. Instead of a dry styled Champagne we have worked hard to create a beautifully creamy yet crisp off dry Brut. Oddly not too sweet and not too dry, our wooded Chardonnay creates a lovely creamy and buttery base which is lifted by our addition of Chenin Blanc, Viognier and Colombard. These additional varieties help to balance the smooth Chardonnay bringing pear and citrus notes to the palette. Perfect for any time of day! Master of Wine, Peter Scudamore-Smith, has given us an impressive 90 points, placing it straight to the top of all the sparkling wines ‘Best in Region’ in the Scenic Rim & nationally regarded!